Thursday, June 15, 2006

What is a Counter?

What is a Counter?

* A Counter is a program that will count the number of times a Web page is loaded.
* It does not count the number of people visiting a page, because the same people
can visit the page more than one time.
* The counter looks like as in the above picture and is visible on the site

Why should a Counter be used?

* A Counter can be used to see how many times a particular Web page has been viewed.

How does the Counter work?

* Every time the Web page is viewed, a Counter image or script is loaded.
* Each time the Counter image or script is loaded, the count is increased by one the
EEE database.
* The Counter image or text changes to match the current count.

From where to get the counter?

* Go to google search for page counters.
* Go to the site choose the design of the counter (some of the design are show above)
* Choose a free counter
* They will give you the html code.

How do I use the Counter code?

* Choose to use either a Text Counter or an Image Counter.
* Cut and paste the corresponding Counter code into the HTML of your Web page.
* Do not copy both the image code and text code, or the counter will record two hits
every time the page is loaded.


*Place the counter code between the tags as show in the picture above .

4. Click 'Save'


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