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In simple word's template is the structure of the webpage. It tell how the page looks like. It is generally written in HTML language.

Template's have a basic structure of 2 cloumns or 3 cloumns, buttons, banners etc.

If you don't know html language no need to worry, because there are a no. of sites which provide free templates.

Eg. of a template :

Above show are nice 2 cloumn templates which you will find on the blogspot's template section.

I want different template?

Ya now the question comes if you want different template then you have to design it or just take if from the free source or a free template website.

Now remeber the source code of the template is what you need.

What is a template source code?

I will explain you, when you click the template button of the blog editor, you see some source code.

Eg. look the picture below for details

This the source code, which has to be manipulated.

You can also paste a new source code, thus the template is changed.

I will show you a there column template


Now the finally i will give you some sites which will help you.

  1. Bloggers Templates
  2. Thur's Templates
You just have to take the copy the source code and paste it in your blog's template. Make sure to make a backup of your exsiting template.


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